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About me

The most difficult part for me is to discuss about me. Starting with my location, Arad wedding photographer, based in Santana. I studied Informatics at Universitatea Aurel Vlaicu, Arad but I always had an passion for photography. I started to photograph weddings in 2014 and since then my goal is to be better at each wedding.

I'm focused on emotions, I will capture your wedding story in my photography, and the most important shots for me are family portraits! 

If I had to describe my style, I'm an photo journalist and portrait lover , I prefer not to interfere, just to capture what is happening. This choice brought me more natural photos. 

I like to treat my clients like my friends and most of time I have a good relationship with them also after their wedding.

If I look behind, what could be better to photograph than a wedding for an couple, the baptism of the first child, the 1st aniversary of their child, the baptism of their second child, this can tell you how satisfied are your clients and what connection you have with them.

In my career I'm member in the romanian community Fotografi Cameramani and in 2018 I had my first awards at annual contest: 3rd place at Colors and Gadgets and 4th place at Tradition.

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